HEPA | line

Drying system

Clean and germ-free blow-off for high quality demands
(pharmaceutical and food industry)


The GESETE HEPA | line is a blow-off unit that replaces compressed air applications efficiently and, most of all, in an energy-saving way with CLEAN and GERM-FREE air in order to meet the high quality demands in the pharmaceutical and food industries. Perfect for selective blow-off to completely and precisely replace compressed air applications.

Application examples: Energy-efficient and germ-free drying of threads and unpacked food, blow-off with HEPA filtration in the pharmaceutical industry (vials).



  • Energy is saved and drying results are improved with “clean air”
  • Blowing air fulfils microbiological requirements for “processing” the cleaned container, which is still open at this point
  • Open design for easy cleaning (recontamination with blown-off liquid is prevented thanks to open design)
  • Greatly reduced noise emission compared to compressed air

Performance data

Power connection 400V / 50 Hz
Power 2.2 / 3 kW
Power consumption 4.2 / 5.8 A at 50 Hz
Pressure up to 250 mbar
Air volume up to 920 m³/hour



Linear unit with adjustment wheel, nozzle units, blower tower with HEPA filter installed on the discharge side, filter class HEPA H14


savings potential



Special applications with HEPA filter available upon request, individual, customized solutions with GESETE competence

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