HIGH | line

Drying system

Highly efficient drying system for your individual application


The GESETE HIGH | line is an effective drying system for bottles, cans, crates, caps, bags, packages, etc. Designed to meet the highest requirements for performance, ease of use, hygiene and soundproofing.

The unit boasts a fully enclosed system blower and hygienic design work area and is perfect for custom applications such as removing moisture, particles or dust.


  • Huge energy savings thanks to highly efficient blower technology
  • Optimum drying results due to continuous air flow
  • Minimal maintenance costs and low costs for replacement parts
  • Optimized sound insulation, operating comfort and hygiene properties with maximum performance

Performance data

Power connection 400 V / 50 Hz
Power 5.5 / 7.5 / 11 / 15 kW
Power consumption 10.4 / 13.8 / 20 / 26.5 A at 50 Hz
Pressure up to 150 mbar
Air volume up to 2,800 m³/hour


PAXTON high-performance centrifugal blower, stainless steel blower sound insulation with lateral air intake channels, user-friendly hinged doors, flow-optimized stainless steel air blades (air knives), shutter drying unit, VA control cabinet with frequency converter etc.


For extremely demanding tasks, we offer a system that can be designed and manufactured according to customer specifications without limits with our HIGH | line system. After carrying out an exact analysis, we design your individual system hand-in-hand together with you.


  • Safety doors with glass panes
  • Blower housing
  • Side panel inlet and outlet side

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