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With our drying and blow-off systems, we can offer you a powerful alternative to compressed air applications. Our aim is to achieve the best possible result with maximum energy savings and a significant reduction in operating costs.

HIGH | line

Highly efficient drying system for your individual application

The GESETE HIGH | line is an effective drying system for bottles, cans, crates, caps, bags, packages, etc. Designed to meet the highest requirements for performance, ease of use, hygiene and soundproofing.

ECO | line

Blow-off system for high performance requirements

The GESETE ECO | line is a highly efficient drying system for bottles, cans and containers, adapted to the respective customer-specific applications and designed for high speeds as well as high outputs and quantities.

BASIC | line

Compressed air replacement for demanding applications

The GESETE BASIC | line is a blow-off unit based on blower technology to replace compressed air applications efficiently and, most importantly, in an energy-saving manner.

SMART | line

Optimized drying system for low outputs/quantities

The GESETE SMART | line is a high-quality compact unit for drying bottles and cans. The Plug & Dry complete system boasts excellent drying results and is perfect for low outputs and quantities.

HEPA | line

For clean and germ-free blow-off applications

The GESETE HEPA | line is a blow-off unit that replaces compressed air applications efficiently and, most of all, in an energy-saving way with CLEAN and GERM-FREE air in order to meet the high quality demands in the pharmaceutical and food industries.

FLEX | line

Mobile blow-off/drying system for large areas

The GESETE FLEX | line is a mobile blow-off system with efficient air blade and blower technology for large-area drying or cleaning. The system can be positioned quickly and easily and can be used individually.

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