Worldwide references thanks to unique drying results

Years of experience, a multitude of successfully realized projects worldwide, as well as patented application solutions, make us the primary contact for drying systems in the pharmaceutical industry.

Application examples:

• 360° drying including specially developed transport technology

• Drying before packaging in cardboard (avoids softening)

• Highly efficient blowing off of residual water

Patented solution for uninterrupted all-round drying!


Outstanding drying results of up to 99.995%


Patented solution for uninterrupted all-round drying!

Vails from 20ml

Drying vails
from 20ml

Shortest design

Lowest space and energy requirements on the market

Infusion bottles

Industry: Pharma
Application: Infusion bottle drying (glass | PET)

360° drying integrated into specifically developed transport technology.
Before final inspection for leak test or to rule out foreign particle damage.
Saving energy and improving the quality of the blow-off/drying results.

Infusion bag

Industry: Pharma
Application: Before final inspection and packing

Drying takes place before the final inspection and before the product is packaged into cardboard trays. In this case, too, the drying is integrated in specifically developed transport technology.
Energy is saved and blow-off/drying results are improved.

Contact lenses

Industry: Medical technology
Application: Drying before being packaged

The outer packaging of the contact lenses is dried after sterilization and before final packaging in cardboard trays.
Highly efficient blowing off of residual water.

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