Blow-off can bottom and dating area

1:1 replacement of compressed air

Typical applications

  • Removes 99.995% of residual water at the bottom
  • Blows off residual water before dating (avoiding illegible print)
  • Avoiding stress corrosion in the cover area/tear flap by blowing off residual water
  • Replacing expensive compressed air

Your advantages


Complete system including blower and electronics (Plug & Dry)

Designed for easy & quick installation onto existing conveyors

Up to 90% energy savings compared to conventional compressed air solutions

Energy requirement of 4kW at a line output of 90,000 cans – level of dryness 0.1g

Patented convenience-adjustable air blade

Unmatched drying result (99.995%)

Manufacture of all components from stainless steel

Optional equipment possibilities for higher demands

Drying the bottom of the can without turning the can over

Easily reproducible settings
+ very short set-up times
+ high line availability

Smallest footprint on the market

We care about your energy

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