Complete drying for cans

Most energy-efficient system on the market, with the highest available line output

Typical applications

  • Completely dries can including bottom
  • Blows off top of the can
  • Blows off residual water before date coding
  • Air rinser for cans
  • Blow-off after pasteurizer
  • Drying before final packaging
  • For avoiding stress corrosion
  • If the level of dryness is too low (e.g. for dating or packaging on cardboard trays)
  • Compliance with supplier guidelines (residual moisture <0.3g water | e.g. container transport)

Your advantages


Complete system including blower and electronics (Plug & Dry)

Designed for easy & quick installation onto existing conveyors

Patented convenience-adjustable air blade

Smallest footprint on the market

Outstanding drying results

Noise emissions ≤ 80dBa

Avoids stress corrosion in the lid area (tear-off tab)

Delivery always in
2-step version (lid+side | base)

Drying the bottom of the can without turning the can over

Minimum residual moisture of 0.3g possible at 120,000 cans/hour cans/hour

Optional equipment possibilities with lowest level of noise emissions

Lowest energy requirement with best possible drying result

No lime stains on the surface of the can – improving shelf appearance

We care about your energy

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