Complete bottle drying

Highest quality to meet the highest demands

Typical applications

  • Adhesive water removal prior to labeling of any kind.
  • Targeted removal of product residues
  • Thread and neck finish blow-offs (HEPA filtered)
  • Drying of any type of closure (crown cork, screw cap, etc.)
  • Drying before leak testing
  • Drying of empty bottles before inspection
  • Avoiding water carry-over in production and into the warehouse
  • Drying before packaging in cardboard

Your advantages


Complete system including blower and electronics (Plug & Dry)

Designed for easy & quick installation onto existing conveyors

Reducing glue consumption for wet glue labelling

Up to 90% energy savings compared to conventional compressed air solutions

Soundproofed system – Noise emission ≤ 80 dBa

Compact design for limited space

Short set-up times thanks to patented setting device

Systems designed for customer-specific applications

Outstanding drying results

Air treated on the pressure side through HEPA filter class H14 (double filtration)

Avoids residual water carry-over

Harmless for microbiologically sensitive areas

Avoidance of cardboard tray softening

Short set-up times and minimal service effort

We care about your energy

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